Trees make a lovely addition to your yard.

They add value to your home, provide food and shelter for wildlife and even regulate the temperature of your neighborhood. Young trees are rather simple to plant and care for. They basically need water and mulch. Here are some maintenance tips to help you do this properly.


Tree Maintenance FAQ


Always water the tree immediately after planting. During the first couple of summer growing seasons, your tree will expend a lot of energy trying to establish its roots and will be sensitive to heat and drought. Watering regularly will be key. As a general rule, your soil should be moist. Moist is not the same as soggy and you can usually judge this by feeling the dirt and the ground around the tree.

Over-watering is one of the most common tree care mistakes. If you are unsure if you are over-watering, here is a tip for checking. Use a garden trowel and insert it into the ground about 2 inches and move the blade of the trowel back and forth. Then touch the soil. If the soil is moist to the touch, then it does not need water. If it is soupy, it has been overwatered. It is difficult to recommend just how much water your tree will need. That amount is subject to the climate where you live.

After the first two years, the root system of your tree will be established and will be able to endure a wider range of water and weather conditions.


It’s very important to remember to mulch your tree after you have planted it.

Mulching is healthy for your tree for a number of reasons. Mulch insulates the soil around the tree to protect it from the heat and cold. Mulch holds in water which helps keeps the roots moist. Mulching helps keeps weeds away from your tree and prevents the soil from compacting around your tree. It’s a good idea to mulch around the base of your tree at least a 3-foot radius and try to keep the mulch from touching the trunk of the tree.

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