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If your property has trees on it, it is an inevitable fact that there will come a time when you will have to consider hiring a tree specialist to perform a tree trimming service. Our goal is to provide customer service that cannot be matched by any other tree company in the Tulsa area. For all things tree related, contact us today! (918)-288-2873

Why Trim My Trees?

Tree trimming is considered to be one of the most important aspects of tree care. Here are several reasons why tree trimming is necessary and needs to be an important part of your home maintenance plan.

Tulsa Tree Trimming Experts

The first and biggest reason is for your safety.

As a tree continues to grow, its branches can begin leaning on your home or garage. During a storm, limbs can break off and do damage to your roof or home structure. If the branches are near a power line, they can be a fire hazard and/or cause power outages. A tree trimming professional can prune these branches in order to prevent such a disaster.

The second reason for keeping your trees trimmed is for revitalization.

When long branches are removed from a tree, the vital nutrients in that tree concentrate within the trunk. This will cause your trees to grow stronger and help curb tree disease issues. Most tree trimming professionals recommend tree trimming for the health and longevity of your trees

Lastly, keeping your trees trimmed is good for the aesthetics of your property.

Did you know that having well-maintained trees and shrubs can increase your property value by as much as14%? Having a clean, well-manicured yard is good for curb appeal and adds value to your home and neighborhood. A professional tree trimmer is also experienced at adding shape to your trees and shrubs. So, if you have a particular shape in mind that you are wanting, give your local tree trimmer a call.

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I received a few quotes to trim three Oak trees and grind one stump. Joe Kelley was competitive and very polite. I am very happy with the results and he went out of his way to make sure I was. He asked several times for my input and obviously wanted to make sure that I was satisfied. I will definitely use Kelley Tree Services again and refer them to friends and family.
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